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Get your Nick Siddle chili right here - and you can even vote on your favorite of the various chili'sHow about a cinamon roll?Cinamon rolls hereAnother chili to choose fromand yet another chile - hope it doesn't run our of its containerConcession stand in operation alsoAfter the spicy chile how about a refreshing soda?Or you could purchase a hot dogEntering the gym you can purchase your ticket and pick up a programThen you can purchase a 50 - 50 ticket if you so desireChecking out what an 'arms length' of 50 - 50 ticket means to each sellerSenior night means Senior boards - First up is Conner Board with his boardNext up is Alex CremerSenior Brian Bornong's boardSenior Austin Woodward's boardSeinor Sam SuzorManager Shelby Jelly's senior boardballoons for another displayThe stands are starting to fill upThe band is setting up

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