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Order number is: BHHSBBB@TR-1Order number is: BHHSBBB@TR-2Order number is: BHHSBBB@TR-6Order number is: BHHSBBB@TR-8 - Introducing: #12 Bryce WilliamsOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-9 - #21 Mathew WigglesworthOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-10 - #23 Connor McCaffertyOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-11 - #23 Connor McCaffertyOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-12 - #25 Ben ChapmanOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-13 - #32 Tony MortOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-14 - Introducing the non-starters: #5 Cody JolovichOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-16 - Cody JolovichOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-17 - #13 Austin KhorkOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-18 - #23 Keenan GrossOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-19 - #25 Joel EstevesOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-20 - #43 Austin BolinOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-21 - Austin Bolin greets the Eagles CheerleadersOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-22Order number is: BHHSBBB@TR-23 - #12 Wyatt MainOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-24 - Wyatt Main with the cheerleadersOrder number is: BHHSBBB@TR-25 - The cheerleaders now await the starters

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