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From Brundage Lane near the Wyoming Highway Department complex go east turning left just before the bridge that crosses Little Goose CreekFollow the gravel road northGo under the power lines - still going northYou'll come to this large parking area - still looking northAt the north edge of the parking lot you'll see the "Penny Power" sign and the future pathway just to its leftYou'll proceed north skirting along the trees and Little Goose Creek just off to the rightContinuing north on the future pathwayThe trees and Little Goose Creek are still on the rightThe park narrows toward the north end where the pathway runs very close to Little Goose CreekAt this point Little Goose Creek wanders off to the right while the pathway veers slightly left and starts a gradual upward inclineThe gradual upgrade - still going northAt this point the pathway continues across an old post and wire fence that is just beyond the last survey stake and enters the treesThe view of Little Goose Creek below the pathway as seen from the higher ground on the leftAnother  view of Little Goose CreekFrom here the present going gets a little rough as you go through trees and brush along the present crude trailAlong the way you'll come upon various views of Little Goose CreekAnother view of Little GooseA close-up of the color along the wayJust past this flowery and bushy area you'll break out into the open

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