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Sheridan Memorial Hospital participated in emergency decontamination disaster drills on WednesdayNote the rather small size of  the current  in-hospital decontamination areaThe portable unit that was set up for Wednesday's drillsIn front of the portable decontamination unit  (the white accordian like structure) is the containment vessel (the black unit) that collects the solutions used in the decontamination processThe "hands on" decontamination personnel all donned protective suitsSeveral decontamination personnel wet sponges inside the unit in preparation for the arriving patients, while . . .Outside the unit on the "hot end" - where the contaminated patients  will arrive - several more suited personnel waitThe first ambulance arrives from Sheridan High School where some type of explosion had taken place in one of the schools labsThe ambulance with a patient that had been exposed to chemicals from the explosion backs up to the "hot end" of the decontamination unitAmbulance and decontamination personnel transfer the patient from the ambulance to a gurneyThe gurney is moved to the "hot end" entrance of the decon unitThe gurney is aligned with the conveyor platform of the decon unitThe patient is slid from the gurney onto a skid on the conveyor of the decon unitInside the decon unit the patient begins the decontamination processNote the use of scissors that cut away the layers of brown and blue clothingMore cutting away of clothing - bear in mind the near 90 degree weather and the suits that these workers are wearing as they go about the taskThe orange item is the skid the patient lays on - here they are cleaning the back side of the patient

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