Deer Run Graphics | 25th Polar Bear Plunge
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Order number is: 2012Plunge-1Order number is: 2012Plunge-2-EditOrder number is: 2012Plunge-3 - Get your Polar Bear Plunge shirts right here - they'll be colletor items some dayOrder number is: 2012Plunge-4 - The ice holds three folks - but will it hold 115?Order number is: 2012Plunge-5 - No, they are not making soup - they're just removing the ice bergsOrder number is: 2012Plunge-6Order number is: 2012Plunge-14Order number is: 2012Plunge-20Order number is: 2012Plunge-21Order number is: 2012Plunge-22Order number is: 2012Plunge-24 - Checking the watch - about 3-minutes to goOrder number is: 2012Plunge-28 - A few comments about this being the 25th Polar Plunge as Organizer Forister checks his watch one more timeOrder number is: 2012Plunge-29Order number is: 2012Plunge-30 - Here comes jumper #2 Harvey Purcella - I missed the first jumper and the rest of Harvey's jump - my camera view got blockedOrder number is: 2012Plunge-31Order number is: 2012Plunge-32Order number is: 2012Plunge-34Order number is: 2012Plunge-36Order number is: 2012Plunge-37Order number is: 2012Plunge-38

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