Deer Run Graphics | The 16th Annual Christmas Stroll
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The 16th Annual Christmas Stroll Order number is: 16thStroll-86-EditThe tree at the WYO Theater - go and see this very tall tree - makes you wonder how they got inside Order number is: 16thStroll-1-EditOrder number is: 16thStroll-107Order number is: 16thStroll-112Order number is: 16thStroll-113Order number is: 16thStroll-6-EditOrder number is: 16thStroll-7-EditHow about a free hot dog - Courtesy of the Burlington Northern Safety Committee & Sheridan Media? Order number is: 16thStroll-9Order number is: 16thStroll-10-EditOrder number is: 16thStroll-12-EditOrder number is: 16thStroll-13-EditDid I mention free wagon rides? Order number is: 16thStroll-15-EditYes, free wagon rides and these folks are on another wagon - you had several to choose from Order number is: 16thStroll-17Some folks want to curl up with a good book while these two just want you to "Curl Up & Dye" Order number is: 16thStroll-18"Basket Proceeds to Benefit a Female Sheridan College Scholarship Recipient" - enough said "just do it" Order number is: 16thStroll-19Another of those "Curl Up & Dye" folks - this one is electrified - check out the hair doo Order number is: 16thStroll-20Window decorations at 1 South Main Order number is: 16thStroll-23Order number is: 16thStroll-25-EditJust how many "Curl Up & Dye" employees are there? Here are three more with hairdos to match the season and in their pj's at the 1st Interstate Bank Order number is: 16thStroll-27Would you "Curl Up & Dye" for hair like this? Order number is: 16thStroll-28

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