Deer Run Graphics | 17th Annual Christmas Stroll - 2012
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Order No. is: Stroll-1Order No. is: Stroll-2Order No. is: Stroll-3Order No. is: Stroll-4Order No. is: Stroll-20 - To the delight of many and many, many more once they arrived at City Hall was this joyful couple dressed in red and whiteOrder No. is: Stroll-22 - That couple turned out to be none-other than Santa and Mrs. Claus who arrived in the special Burlington Northern Santa Fe train seen here.Order No. is: Stroll-24 - Look who's coming to town!Order No. is: Stroll-25 - It's Mrs. Claus and SantaOrder No. is: Stroll-46 - Right this way kids!Order No. is: Stroll-26 - A crowd including a few kids awaits the arriva of Santa and Mrs. ClausOrder No. is: Stroll-27 - A crew of helpers are getting things organized for the special visit of Mr. & Mrs. ClausOrder No. is: Stroll-29 - Once inside City Hall it was all business for Mr. & Mrs. Claus as they visited with youngsters from the area starting with these three who were the very first in line.Order No. is: Stroll-31 - I believe that is worth a second look - how about you?Order No. is: Stroll-36-EditOrder No. is: Stroll-38 - This must be Issiah who is now three and knows the ropes as he has been here beforeOrder No. is: Stroll-39 - I missed the names of this happy pairOrder No. is: Stroll-44-Edit - Three year-old Issiah looks like he's been here before and knows all the ropes.Order No. is: Stroll-47 - Let's see what Sheridan Fire and Rescue is upto parked infront of City Hall. Looks like they are just standing around with their hands in their pockets.Order No. is: Stroll-48 - But look what happens when those hands come out and lift the lid on some of the best chili you've ever eaten - now that is 9-alarm chiliOrder No. is: Stroll-49 - Not far away were the folks from Rocky Mountan Ambulance serving up some tasty drinks

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