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Order number is: Ridge_Walk-0 - All will start at the "yellow" trailhead and those going all the way will turn around at the three orange flags at the bottom, far left of the map. Have fun.Order number is: Ridge_Walk-0a - The Community Calendar information about today's eventOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-1 - It is 7:50 am as a crowd carring water bottles awaits the first contigent of ridersOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-2 - Check out this participant - suppose it will fly or walk the course?Order number is: Ridge_Walk-3 - The map of the nearly complete Soldier Ridge Project - the trolley will drop its riders at the yellow spotOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-4 - All aboardOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-9 - The one eyed Executive Director, Colin Betzler,  of the Sheridan Community Land Trust and Board Member Margie Taylor - ready to kick of trolley ride number oneOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-10 - Make that two eyes on Colin BetzlerOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-11 - It is 7:57 am - almost time for the first Trolley departureOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-19 - Turning left just after the pavement ends on West Fifth Street - the second left after the pavementOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-20Order number is: Ridge_Walk-21Order number is: Ridge_Walk-22Order number is: Ridge_Walk-23 - Oh - the beauty of the BighornsOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-24 - All the comforts of home at what will be the Permanent Trailhead Parking Area - marked in yellow on the mapOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-25 - Headed to the trail headOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-26 - Four wheeling it in styleOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-28 - Now for the follow the leader style of walkingOrder number is: Ridge_Walk-29 - This dog made it all the way to end and back - how did you do?Order number is: Ridge_Walk-30 - Nice shade - but we couldn't take it with us

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