Deer Run Graphics | 28th Polar Bear Plunge
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Order# is: 15Plunge-1-EditOrder# is: 15Plunge-3Order# is: 15Plunge-4Order# is: 15Plunge-5Order# is: 15Plunge-6Order# is: 15Plunge-7Order# is: 15Plunge-9 - That is an 8-foot ladder and the hole is 1-=feet deep so . . .Order# is: 15Plunge-10 - Looks liker a taller ladder is needed or . . .Order# is: 15Plunge-11 - With a depth finder find a new spot - ah it is 6-feet deep hereOrder# is: 15Plunge-13 - It is only 12:27 time enough left to make a new holeOrder# is: 15Plunge-14 - New holes are drilled and now it is time to connect the dotsOrder# is: 15Plunge-15 - connecting the dotsOrder# is: 15Plunge-16 - connecting the dots togetherOrder# is: 15Plunge-17 - The main four Jerry, Rob, Scott and Tony building the second hole with about 30-minutes to go as the want-a-be plungers start to gather aboveOrder# is: 15Plunge-18 - Almost doneOrder# is: 15Plunge-19 - Time to hide the ice by pushing it under the other ice of the lakeOrder# is: 15Plunge-20 - pushing the second slab of ice below the main lake iceOrder# is: 15Plunge-21 - now it is time to test the 8-foot ladderOrder# is: 15Plunge-22 - in the ladder goesOrder# is: 15Plunge-24 - depth looks great - the folks will have a ladder to climb out

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