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Order number is: SCLTTour-1 - Billie Little - back by popular demand, to give particiipants an insiders look at Eastern Sheridan CountyOrder number is: SCLTTour-3 - Colin Betzler - with welcoming remarks to start the tourOrder number is: SCLTTour-18 - The "Dolly Pardon" pond? - ask Billie!Order number is: SCLTTour-20 - Rolling hills and snow fenceOrder number is: SCLTTour-21Order number is: SCLTTour-23Order number is: SCLTTour-24Order number is: SCLTTour-36Order number is: SCLTTour-39Order number is: SCLTTour-40Order number is: SCLTTour-41Order number is: SCLTTour-42Order number is: SCLTTour-48 - Powder River changing its course - againOrder number is: SCLTTour-49 - Powder River nibbling at the bank, near the guardrail of the Lower Powder River Road in Sheridan CountyOrder number is: SCLTTour-50Order number is: SCLTTour-55 - If I heard correctly there are 250 acres under this pivot sprinklerOrder number is: SCLTTour-56 - The view of the main K Ranch area as seen near the entrance drive off of Powder River RoadOrder number is: SCLTTour-57 - 1251 Lower Powder River RoadOrder number is: SCLTTour-64Order number is: SCLTTour-66-Edit

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